Need to know

  • If you’re thinking about separation or divorce, the first step is to seek legal advice.
  • You need to be separated for one year (married couples) before you can divorce.
  • You can finalise other important family law matters (e.g. property settlement and parenting arrangements) earlier – you don’t have to wait.
  • Time limits apply for property and spousal maintenance applications. 
  • Getting organised early can help matters run more smoothly (and save you money) down the track.

Pre-separation advice 

Separation is stressful. Sometimes it can take years to make a decision about whether to separate, especially when there are children, high value assets or other complications involved.

At Quinn Family Law, we understand that separating from your partner is not black and white. Before you make any decisions, we’re here to offer confidential Gold Coast family law advice. Our expert family lawyers can explain the process and how the law applies to you.

Taking the first step

Often just knowing where you stand is enough to give you the confidence to make the first move. 

We can talk you through the important decisions you may need to make when you separate from your partner. This includes:

  • How to navigate the immediate logistics of separating – where to live, how to divide possessions, manage finances, arrangements for children, privacy considerations.
  • What you’ll need to consider in future when it comes to dividing property, money, other assets and what you owe.
  • Your responsibilities as a separating parent.
  • How your children will be cared for now and in the future.

Domestic or family violence is a serious issue. If you have concerns about your personal safety you should seek help immediately.

What comes next?

  • Parenting - how you manage parenting arrangements if you have children together
  • Property settlements - how you work out the division of your joint and separate assets, liabilities and financial resources.
  • Spousal Maintenance - how ongoing financial support is to be paid.
  • Child support - how ongoing financial support for any children is to be paid.
  • Family Violence - how to protect yourself and others from acts of family violence.

Expert advice to keep you moving forward

At Quinn Family Law, we know what we’re doing. We’ll take the extra stress out of separation and divorce, leaving you to focus on what is important to you.

For confidential advice on separation contact our experienced Gold Coast family law team today.

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