Future Leaders

Future Leaders

The QFL Team wish to congratulate our Gold Coast Family Lawyer and Senior Associate, Ella Thomas for her election to the Queensland Law Society Future Leaders (FLC) Committee for 2021.

Ella was one of only 11 committee members elected to the FLC Committee from a pool of 68 remarkable nominees. To be eligible to run for election and/or vote in the election, nominees/voters were to be full Queensland Law Society members and either 35 years of age or below or have less than 5 years post admission experience.

‘…The FLC is a platform for next generation lawyers to launch their dreams, ideas and thinking for our profession. A democratically elected committee of members who will represent and advocate on behalf of their peers for two years, beginning 1 January 2021 and concluding 31 December 2022.

Right now, nearly 40% of Practising Certificate holders in Queensland are either 35 years old or under, or have less than 5 years post admission experience (PAE). This emerging demographic, with their unique needs and expectations, are the profession’s new voices and they need to be heard.

The FLC is the only QLS committee elected by members. It serves a very important function in supporting and representing the future leaders cohort, who make up nearly 40% of practising certificate holders in Queensland. It will provide an influential platform for FLC to advocate on behalf of their peers and colleagues and its responsibilities include:

  • setting a two year Strategic Plan of the Society in supporting the future leaders cohort
  • involvement and support for Queensland Law Society Emerging Leader Award
  • working closely with QLS committees and external stakeholders to advance future leaders
  • raising awareness on issues affecting future leaders
  • developing and conducting programs of interest and value to their colleagues…’

– The Queensland Law Society

Congratulations Ella, we are very VERY proud of you.

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